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Textbook Sell Back


Bring your textbooks back to the bookstore at the end of the term to get up to 50% cash back. Finals week is the best time to get the most cash back, so sell early!

Books must include all original materials (CDs, workbooks, etc.) and a valid school ID is required at the time of buyback. Buyback is limited to one copy of a title per customer. Please check with the bookstore for more details.

Did you have more questions? Click here for Sell Back FAQs

 What is the difference between returning a book and "Sell Back"?
You can return your textbook for a full refund before our return deadline, but some conditions may apply.  You can sell your textbooks back to the store at anytime.  These books are bought for an outside company at the current Sell Back value.

How much money will I get for selling my book?

The Sell Back price is affected by many factors including whether or not the textbook will be used in the next semester, how many copies are needed, and the publisher suggested retail price.  Not all textbooks can be sold back to KU Campus Store.

If I purchased a used textbook, does it affect what I will get for it during Sell Back?

No, the Sell Back price is determined based on the retail price of a new book.

Is there an advantage to selling my textbooks during the end of semester Sell Back?

Yes.  Selling your textbooks during the end of semester Sell Back period will provide the highest possible prices for your books.  Top prices are paid for books that have been ordered from faculty for use the next semester.  Textbooks that have not been ordered and will not be carried at KU Campus Store may still be sold; however, the pricing for those books is determined by a third party.