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Textbook Rental


When shopping for textbooks in-store, the course information tag will display a "Rental" option.

If you're shopping online, its even easier. Many books display a RENTAL option, along with NEW and USED options. Just pick one that's right for you!


What is a textbook rental?

Textbook rentals allow students to rent their textbooks from KU Campus Store (as opposed to buying them) for a specified term.  It is a cost-effective option for students who do not anticipate keeping their books.

What does it cost to rent a textbook?

The fee for renting a textbook is calculated differently for each book and depends on several factors, including textbook market value and ancillary items that may be packaged with the book.  Rental prices will be clearly listed on the website along with the price of the New and Used book for easy comparison.

How long is the rental period?

The rental period begins the day your credit card is charged for the rental and ends at 4:00 pm on the rental return date.
The rental return date will be the LAST DAY OF EXAMS for the semester that the book was rented.

Textbooks not returned by 4:00 pm on the specified Rental Return date will be considered late and subject to the fees outlined below.  Textbook rentals must be returned in person and in good condition.

What if I drop a class?

Rental fees are non-refundable beyond the textbook return period.

Can I make notes in the margins or use a highlighter?

Normal use of the book, including normal highlighting and writing is permitted.  When you receive your rental book, please review the condition of the book.  The book, even when rented, is the property of the KU Campus Store and must be returned in proper condition.

Can KU Campus Store refuse to accept my textbook rental when I return it?

Yes, KU Campus Store can refuse to accept your rental book if it is not returned in usable condition.  KU Campus Store useable condition will be judged by KU Campus Store alone, and generally means book spine in tact, no excessive damage to cover or contents, absolutely no water damage, all original pages in tact, all original components present, and no excessive highlighting, writing or other markings.  Normal use highlighting and writing is permitted.

If KU Campus Store determines your book to not be acceptable for return, then you will be charged the balance between the original retail price of the book and the amount paid for the rental.  Once that balance is paid, then you become the owner of the book.

Textbook Rental Agreement


·        I agree to rent the books listed on the receipt for a single payment of the rental prices listed. I acknowledge the books, whether new or used, are in good condition, clean, only lightly marked and in full resalable condition.

·        I acknowledge that all rental books remain the property of KU Campus Store while in my possession.

·        I agree to return the same books listed on the receipt per the terms and conditions of this agreement on or before the rental return due date.

·        I agree to pay KU Campus Store replacement cost and fees if the rental books listed are not returned by the rental return due date, or have incurred any damages listed below in the terms and conditions that may deem the book as incomplete or in a non-salable condition.

·        I agree that non-returned and/or damaged items will be billed at the current new replacement cost, plus a 20% of retail price non-return fee.

·        I acknowledge that if the books listed on the receipt are not returned by the rental return date, I authorize KU Campus Store to withdraw/charge the same credit card account that was left as the securing account to make the payment.

·        Failure to reconcile any rental debt owed to KU Campus Store is subject to submission to collections.

·        I acknowledge that I will not exceed my limit and/or cancel the securing card on file, and if so, I will notify KU Campus Store of the change.

·        I agree that KU Campus Store reserves the right to deny me of future rental opportunities should I fail to adhere to the terms and conditions of this Textbook Rental Agreement.




Terms and Conditions

Conditions upon Return:  Minimal highlighting and writing in rented books is permitted and acceptable.  Rented books must be returned in complete and salable condition and free of excessive damage.  Excessive damage is water damage, mold, missing covers, broken bindings, missing pages, destroyed text on pages, and the like. When we receive a returned textbook, we will determine if it is in acceptable condition. If the returned book is determined by us not to be in acceptable condition, we may in our sole discretion charge you the buyout price.  The buyout price is calculated as the full purchase price of the textbook as of the time of rental, less the rental price you have already paid, plus a 20% of retail price fee.

Option to Buy:  A student has the option to purchase the rented textbook at any time prior to the due date.  To purchase a rented book, you may notify the store and pay the difference between the rental price already paid and the full retail price of the book.  At this point you will own the book and no further action will be required.


Failure to Return:  Failure to purchase or return rented books by the due date will be considered intent to purchase. Your credit card will be charged the difference between the rental price already paid and the full retail price of the book, as well as a non-return fee calculated as 20% of the retail price.