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KU Campus Store Unveils New Custom Apparel Initiative 

Express Yourself While Supporting Your Favorite KU Organizations



KUTZTOWN, PA – KU Campus Store is excited to announce the launch of its new custom apparel site, which brings the power to establish individual team stores for year-round fundraising.

 Athletic and recreational sports teams along with select student organizations, now have their own individual team storelink, making it convenient for fans to purchase unique KU merchandise. In addition to giving fans an opportunity to express themselves with team-specific custom apparelthis program supports the team by donating a percentage ofeach sale.

 “This initiative delivers students, staff, family members, alumni, and the general public an easily accessible store to supply them with customized apparel all year long, while giving them a chance to raise funds that can be put towards their organization’s events and programs,” said Matt Assad, associate executive director of Kutztown University Student Services, Inc. (KUSSI).

 Each store will offer more than 200 products that can be printed on-demand and shipped within 5-10 business days through our trusted partner Squad Locker. 

 “Phase two of this project is beginning in September, and will include university departments and additional KU student organizations,” Assad included. Phase two is expected to be completed by the end of the fall semester.

KU Campus Store’s main website,, will remain the official online store for Kutztown University apparel and gift. This new addition will supplement the online store with customizable apparel.

The new site will be maintained by the KU Campus Store, which is operated by KUSSI. KUSSI is an independent non-profit affiliate of Kutztown University, working closely with the University and the Student Government Board to provide free and low cost services to students and student-led organizations.  KUSSI contributes its surplus to student organizations, scholarships, and campus athletics.

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